• McDonald’s UK launched its website –
  • The McFlurry ice-cream dessert was launched.
  • The Tidy Britain Group’s National Spring Clean campaign celebrated its 10th anniversary supported by McDonald’s restaurants around the country. 


  • Sir Geoff Hurst was appointed as McDonald’s Director of Football.
  • In order to understand more about the role that football plays in today’s families, McDonald’s commissioned a research project with the University of Leicester.


  • McDonald’s was recognised for the third time as an Investor in People.
  • McDonald’s became The FA’s ‘Community Partner’ , with the goal of creating 10,000 new football coaches for children across the UK over the next four years.


  • McDonald’s introduced the new Fruit Bag to the menu, and in the months that followed became one of the UK’s leading retailers of pre-prepared fruit. McDonald’s also introduced organic milk to restaurants, and saw initial milk sales leap significantly.
  • In October McDonald’s UK launched the new global campaign called "i'm lovin' it", the centerpiece of a new marketing strategy that connects McDonald's with customers in highly relevant, culturally significant ways around the world.


  • March saw the launch of Salads Plus - representing the biggest change to the UK menu for 30 years. The range includes salads, sandwiches and fruit.
  • September saw the arrival of Peter Beresford as the UK's new CEO and Chairman. Peter joined the UK from McDonald's Japan where he was Executive Vice President.
  • October saw the launch of a series of additions to the breakfast menu including Oatso Simple porridge, bagels and freshly ground Kenco coffee. McDonald’s also launched Wifi access in around 500 restaurants across the UK.


  • McDonald’s introduced the Happy Meal Choice Chart and a number of new happy meal choices in March. This chart supplied parents with easy-to-use nutritional information by meal option rather than individual item.
  • Our new range of Toasted Deli Sandwiches were launched in September, our biggest new range since Salads Plus.
  • At the RSPCA Alternative Awards McDonald’s was recognised for its commitment to improving animal welfare in the fast food sector.


  • Steve Easterbrook was appointed as McDonald’s UK President and Chief Executive Officer.
  • We launched the Nutrition Information Initiative (NII) based on Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs).
  • McDonald’s new career and lifestyle website Our Lounge launched, enabling staff to log on and up their skills gaps, with the support of an online tutor.


  • McDonald’s became the UK’s biggest retailer of coffee from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.
  • In May the company moved to using a non-hydrogenated cooking oil in its restaurants, substantially redusing the levels of Trans Fatty Acids(TFAs) in many of its most popular products as part of a Europe-wide move to reduce TFA content of cooking oil in all its restaurants.
  • In June McDonald’s added British organic semi-skimmed Rainforest Alliance milk to the menu to serve up what it believes will be the most ethical cup of coffee on the British high street.
  • In July the company took a step forward by committing to running its 155- strong delivery fleet on 100% biodiesel, made with McDonald’s own used cooking oil.  Oil from McDonald’s restaurants is combined with pure rapeseed oil to make high quality biodiesel to fuel McDonald’s delivery vehicles.
  • In September McDonald’s piloted a new energy from waste scheme in the Sheffield area whereby waste from eleven Yorkshire restaurants is sent to an energy recovery facility and converted into energy used for heat and electricity for local buildings.
  • Towards the end of 2007 McDonald’s rolled out free high speed wireless internet access across almost 1, 200 restaurants in the UK, making it the UK’s biggest provider of free wireless internet access.
  • High profile signatories from the worlds of business, education and retail backed McDonald’s petition to change the Oxford English Dictionary definition of “McJob” which reads “an unstimulating low-paid job with few prospects”. 105, 000 signatures were delivered to the OED.


  • In January 2008 McDonald's was named as one of the first three employers in the UK to gain awarding body status, meaning it will be able to train UK staff up to A Level equivalent.
  • Mums of some of the UK’s top footballers joined forces with McDonald’s to launch the Mums on The Ball campaign to encourage and help more mums become qualified grassroots football coaches for children.
  • In April 2008 McDonald’s launches new look uniform designed by Bruce Oldfield.
  • McDonald’s unveiled a confident new advertising campaign to support its fast-increasing recruitment needs.  The campaign titled ‘My McJob’ illustrated the career benefits and high-quality job opportunities available at McDonald’s through the voice of its own employees.
  • In July McDonald’s aired its first commercial in a new campaign that talked directly to parents about the quality and provenance of its food. The strap line for the campaign was “That’s what makes McDonald’s.”


  • In January 2009 McDonald’s announces that Apprenticeships will be made available to all of its employees.
  • Later in January 2009 the company’s end of year results come out and marks 2008 as almost the most successful year ever for McDonald’s UK.
  • In May 2009 CEO Steve Easterbrook appears for the first time on the BBC’s flagship political programme Question Time.
  • In July 2009 McDonald’s launches Eating Out in the UK, 2009 – the most comprehensive analysis of the UK’s informal eating out market, sponsored by McDonald’s.