• In January McDonald’s UK announced that 2009 had been a record breaking year for the company with double digit sales growth for the second year running
  • In May McDonald’s UK launched its Open Farms programme, throwing open the gates of the farms that supply it, to members of the public and interested media, with an event held at the Olympic Park in East London.
  • In July McDonald’s UK became the first ever commercial partner to sponsor an Olympic Volunteer Programme when it was annouced Presenting Partner of London 2012’s Games Maker programme.
  • In September, Jill McDonald replaced Steve Easterbrook as UK CEO and President for the Northern Europe Division and became the UK’s first ever female CEO.
  • November saw McDonald’s announced its Foundation Degree programme in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan Universtity, giving its restaurant managers the opportunity to gain a Foundation Degreee in Managing Business Operations.  This move coincided with the launch of its first acacemic prospectus.
  • In February the company announced its 3000th apprentice had been awarded.
  • In April, the 2011 Open Farms visits began, and there would be 10 visits in a six month period spanning the width and breadth of the UK.
  • In June Deli Wraps was launched as a permanent menu item across UK restaurant. Customers would now have a choice of a Grilled Chicken, Crispy Chicken and Bacon, Sweet Chilli Chicken or Spicy Vegetable Wrap.
  • In July McDonald’s announced its partnership with Wayne Hemingway who would be designing its new uniforms. 
  • In August the second FA Community Awards sponsored by McDonald’s took place at the Community Shield match at Wembley. 
  • September saw the roll-out of menu board labelling across the whole UK restaurant estate.  This was in addition to the nutrition information already available on packaging, trayliners and on the company website. 
  • In November the company’s Super Team events began.  Over 100 events would take place in November to select the 2,000 employees who would join the Olympic Champion Crew who would work at the Olympic Park restaurants for the London 2012 Games.


  • In January the company offered its Happy Meal customers copies of Michael Morpurgo’s Mudpuddle Farm books in a partnership with publishers Harper Collins.
  • Also in January the company committed to creating 2,500 new jobs during 2012, taking its UK workforce to 90,000.  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg welcome when he visited McDonald’s UK training centre in East Finchley.
  • In February, McDonald’s launched a national qualification in customer service to be offered to the London 2012 Games Makers.
  • In March the company announced a long-term programme called Farm Forward to help secure a sustainable future British and Irish farming.
  • Also in March the company launched a new digital hub for its grassroots football programme called Kickstart.
  • In April McDonald’s teamed up with Dean Macey to launch its Mascotathon Happy Meal which aimed to get kids into the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • In May McDonald’s announced the launch of Fruitizz, a new fizzy fruit drink that provides children with one of their five daily portions of fruit and vegetables.
  • Also in May McDonald’s launched an interactive website called What Makes McDonald’s which takes customers behind the scenes of its business.
  • In June McDonald’s revealed its new striking new bold and colour uniform designed by fashion designers Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway.
  • Also in June McDonald’s unveiled its multimillion pound responsive advertising campaign for London 2012 Games called We All Make The Games.
  • In July and September, as Official Restaurant of London 2012, the company opened the doors of its four Olympic Park restaurants to serve public, media and athletes for the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.