Renewable energy, efficient equipment

We recognise that our energy and water consumption make a significant contribution to our environmental impact and are continually looking for ways to increase our efficiency. We are also reducing our carbon footprint by using renewable electricity in the majority of restaurants.

Renewable electricity

Energy is not just about how much we use – it’s also about the type we use. We have a long term commitment to using more renewable energy, which will help cut carbon emissions and support the UK’s green energy industry. By investing in renewable energy, and working closely with our suppliers, we have been able to ensure that the vast majority of McDonald’s UK restaurants use 100% renewable electricity.

Using less energy

We’ve increased our energy efficiency by investing in new technologies like LED lights and faster toasters in restaurants.

The majority of restaurants use sophisticated building energy management systems which ensure lighting, heating and air conditioning systems use as little energy as possible.

We train all restaurant staff to use energy and water in the most efficient way possible and have sophisticated monitoring systems to help measure our energy use.

Using less water

Waterless urinals have been installed in over 1,000 McDonald's restaurants, with estimated savings of more than 200 million litres of water every year.

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