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I am a franchisee & this is my McDonald’s

I left school at 18 and joined the Army as an officer. I stayed in the forces for 21 years and was attached to various regiments and corps.

I took voluntary redundancy because I didn’t want to send my children away to school. And it was during my resettlement that I discovered my passion for business. Deciding what to do after such a varied career was a big decision, but McDonald’s was the perfect fit for me and my skills.

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‘I felt McDonald’s knew me and I knew them. I felt it was going to work. I knew it was going to work.’


Running a business was always going to be unfamiliar territory. However, the training McDonald’s gave me prepared me very well for what was to come. It was still very daunting opening my first restaurant, but I had been well trained. I felt prepared. I felt confident.

My Consultant was also with me a lot of the time, and the restaurant management team were very supportive in every area. Even now I still get huge support from the company when I need it. They are on the phone day or night if there is a crisis, and they’re also very good at dealing with the little things, like faulty equipment.

A perfect match

I got inspired about going into business, but I knew that most new ventures fail. Franchising was one of the options I looked into because it’s a safer route. Every business has risks – nothing is guaranteed – but the right franchise can be a really smart investment. I think I realised it was the opportunity for me when I attended an event at a McDonald’s restaurant and saw first-hand what a professional operation it was.

McDonald’s is a great fit for me. The experience I gained in the Army in terms of managing accounts and running the officer’s mess had given me experience of budgets and forward planning. But I also like working with young people and being part of a team. I like being busy too. So my whole skillset lent itself to this opportunity.