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Before we accept an application, we’ll want you to understand exactly what we offer. To that end, we host insight days for potential franchisees at locations all over the UK. We also attend exhibitions and industry events to give you the chance to meet our people and hear about what being part of the McDonald’s story has meant to them.

Franchise exhibitions

Insight days

Insight days are a great way for us to meet potential franchisees from all over the country. For you, it’s the chance to discover what being a franchisee is all about from company representatives, current franchisees and our banking partners. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to speak to people who can answer all your questions.

Insight day registration

Before we invite you to an insight day we need to make sure you meet some key criteria.

Understanding all about you means that we can fully match your expectations and communicate effectively with you.

We are requesting the information above because we are interested in understanding more about the people we are attracting. Please note that providing this to us is optional, except for name and email address (*) which is mandatory. To find out more about how we process your data, please see our Privacy Policy.

By providing this information you are indicating your intention to attend one of our insight days. You will receive e-mail communications about the event and McDonald’s franchising in the lead up to and after the event.

You can opt out of the process at any time by clicking ‘no longer attending’ on any of the emails you receive.