The franchising process

You won’t become a McDonald’s franchisee overnight. We’ll be working together for at least 20 years, so we want to take time to get to know you and make sure you have the dedication, personality and communication skills we look for in all of our ambassadors. You’ll want to get to know us too, as it’s a significant commitment.

The time taken to select a Registered Applicant (a franchisee in training) varies considerably. In 2014 we invited nine applicants to join our training programme. The speed of the process depends on both your availability and that of our Operations and Senior Management Team. While it’s an extensive selection process, we work hard to be as transparent as possible to ensure we make the right decision for both of us.

Add a minimum of nine months of training to our selection process, and you can see why we only want to hear from people who share our passion, dedication and long-term goals.


1. Apply

Think you would make a great McDonald’s franchisee? Then it’s time to apply. Make sure you’ve got all your financial details and references at hand – you’ll need this information to progress.

2. Security checks

We’ll run a few important checks so we can be sure you’re totally eligible to become a franchisee.

3. My first interview

This first meeting gives us a great chance to get to know you a bit better and find out why you think you’d be a great fit for McDonald’s.

4. My first restaurant experience

One of the great things about being a McDonald’s franchisee is the chance to be really hands-on. This stage of the process will see you spend five days in a restaurant with a current Business Manager. It’ll be tough, but it’s a fantastic chance for you to see how the restaurants operate and make a positive impression.

5. Meet the franchise family

This is where you’ll get to meet a selection of our current franchisees. Ask them anything – this is your chance to make sure a McDonald’s franchise is really for you.

6. My second interview

Time for us to delve a little deeper. Here we’ll further explore your suitability to be a franchisee. You’ll also be asked about your restaurant experience, receive feedback and have the chance to ask plenty of questions.

7. My panel interview

Owning a McDonald’s franchise is like joining a family. That’s why we feel it’s important for you to meet everyone you’ll be working with – up to and including senior leaders. So at this stage, you’ll have a final interview with three of our senior management team.

Training (minimum nine months)

8. My training begins

After passing the detailed interview process, you’ll receive a minimum of nine months’ full-time training, both in our restaurants and in the classroom. This training is unpaid, and you’ll need to pay a refundable £5,000 security deposit, together with non-refundable costs of £750 for training undertaken at Head Office. You‘ll also need to pay for your own accommodation when attending courses away from home.

9. The deal

Once you’ve completed your training, we expect to be able to offer you your first franchise. As soon as you accept, we start the handover process.

10. The handover

The big day. You’ll receive the keys and the day-to-day running of the restaurant is over to you – but you won’t be left to go it alone. With our Franchisee Consultant on hand to give you expert advice, you’ll have plenty of support.