What you’ll need to become a franchisee

Becoming a McDonald's franchisee is not for everyone. Taking on a McDonald’s franchise is a 20-year commitment, which is why we’re so selective – we want to work with the right people. Of course, running a successful restaurant business demands a particular set of skills. And, while you don’t need experience in the food industry, it’s important that you have the ability, passion and determination needed to lead your business and your team from the front. Because as a franchisee, you’re building your own business – and taking ours to a whole new level.

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Getting started

  • A Restaurant Franchise typically costs between £400,000 and £800,000 to buy.
  • You’ll need to provide 25% of the investment in unencumbered funds upfront – the rest can be funded through a bank loan.
  • Training costs of around £750.

Monthly fees

  • Monthly rent on the premises based on sales and profitability (usually between 10% and 18%).
  • Service fees for the use of the McDonald's system – currently 5% of sales.
  • Contribution to the national marketing spend – currently 4.5%.

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Being the brand

We want to work with people who live and breathe the McDonald’s brand. That goes far beyond paying for your share of our advertising and marketing campaigns. As a brand ambassador, you’ll take our global personality and make it relevant to your community. You’ll be passionate about staying customer-led too, so you’ll regularly upgrade your restaurant to make it more interactive, more modern and an even better experience for everyone.

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Community matters

As a business, we’re passionate about giving back, whether that’s through charity work that allows parents to stay near their sick child in hospital, or initiatives like our involvement with the FA’s Grassroots Football programme. We do a lot for our communities – and we expect our franchisees to do the same.

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Leading the way

Our franchisees can lead teams of 70 or more people, so we look for individuals who are inspirational, positive and empathetic. It’s about much more than organising rotas and keeping performance high though. Every year, we invest millions in training the teams in our restaurants and all our franchisees have to be ready to support that growth and development.

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We’re a big business with an amazing record of success. But while we know what we’re doing, we’re always looking for new ways to grow. Our franchisees take the same approach. So you’ll need to be commercially sharp and hungry to grow and improve your franchise.

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